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    Bosko Bosko at the Beach (1932)


    by andythebeagle

    Hot dog vendor Bosko is pushing his cart full of dancing weenies along the beach. Various sea creatures join in the fun, including a dancing octopus, which doubles as a carnival ride. Bruno returns a whole tree after running after a stick while playing "fetch." Bosko first comes to Bruno's rescue, and then is bothered by the pesky pooch just as he is in the throes of amour. Later, Bosko saves the day by saving a kitten from the grip of a merciless ocean.

    Bosko at the Beach is another amusing Looney Tunes cartoon from Hugh Harmon-Rudolf Productions in association with Leon Schlesinger and distributed by Warner Bros. In this one, Bosko is selling hot dogs (some amusing animation involving those food goods dancing and jumping rope are done here) with pet Bruno. Honey is also here at the beach with her cat, Wilber. When they join together, they sing "Ain't We Got Fun" while Bruno keeps fetching bigger sticks from Bosko. Wilber stays near the shore and gets caught in the wave so Bosko swims to try to rescue him. Bruno gets his log with fan attached as an outboard motor (does the log have an outlet there?) and gets both Bosko and Wilber rescued as we iris out...Another pretty amusing early Warner Bros. cartoon short that should be entertaining enough for anyone interested in early vintage cartoons. I loved the side gag of an octopus giving eight sea horses a ride on each of his tentacles.