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    Bosko the Speed King (1933)


    by andythebeagle

    There are lots of races with old cars. Bosko (in Car #13) is out to beat them all.

    Bosko is getting ready for a race as Honey reads the papers about the race. While this is a nice short and it looks very good visually in a number of spots, I can't muster the enthusiasm for it that it probably deserves, because I've seen the basic premise executed much more effectively in other shorts (most notably in Porky's Road Race) by Warner Brothers and by Fleischer Studios in a Betty Boop short, the title of which escapes me at the moment.

    So while there are some nice gags, like Bosko "tuning" his car with the aid of a piano and later on his changing of a flat by first using a cat as a make-shift jack, unzipping the tire and swapping out inner-tubes, too many of the gags are similar to other gags I've seen in other shorts, where they were more effectively done.

    I like this cartoon very much in any case and think it most definitely deserves to have an audience. I hope it comes out on a future Looney Tunes Golden Collection. Recommended.