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    OMax and the band : Intuition


    par RepMus

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    The OMax project is based at Ircam with collaborations from UCSD, CNSMDP and EHESS.
    OMax is a technology that allows a virtual musical agent to learn straight from the musicians playing live and to develop its own musical discourse in dialog with the musicians based on stylistic and timbral imitation.
    In the "OMax and the Quintet" project, a virtual omax musician, hybrid between a sax and a trumpet, sneaks in ral-time into the mix and interacts with the other musicians.


    SoMax is a new OMax research thread developed by Laurent Bonasse-Gahot in the context of the IRCM ANR Project SOR2.
    Based on corpus machine learning it generates improvised accompaniment to any kind of inputs (midi, audio, monodic, polyphonic) in the form of augmented rendering (harmony, voicings, orchestrations)

    In the "OMax and the Band" session at "Jusqu'au bout de l'impro" (CNSMDP / Radio France) on Oct 10 2012,

    - on "Intuition" OMax reimprovises the whole quintet, and at some point there is a double quintet playing. At the beginning there is an intro by free co-improvisation between Carine Bonnefoy at the piano and OMax. The virtual quintet enters at 14'58.

    - on "Gentle Cat" OMax plays a hybrid sax/Tpt virtual instrumentists that sneaks into the mix at several points and interact with the musicians (hint :check the scenes showing only 2 loudspeakers on stage, e.g. at 3'18, 7'45, 9'00 etc.)

    - on "SoMax" SoMax interacts with the saxophonists and provides real time improvised harmonic augmentation of the input

    OMax the virtual improviser is an Ircam / RepMus team project, with contributinons by G. Assayag, G. Bloch, M. Chemillier, B. Lévy, S. Dubnov, L. Bonnasse-Gahot