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    Anti-BSL video - BETRAYED DOGS

    Katerina Fridrichova

    by Katerina Fridrichova

    Anti-BSL video "BETRAYED DOGS" (2003)
    This show was a first bigger act of "sound
    mind" behaviour in Czech Republic media,
    which has otherwise been, since year 1999, involved in a one-sided
    campaign aimed against dogs, especially certain breeds called by
    media as the "fighting dogs". Czech Television crew focused on the
    media topic of "fighting dogs", which is closely tied to politics and to
    desire for sensation and populism. Agenda point sout how the
    widely accepted myths and superstitions about these dogs
    diametrically digger from the bare reality. You will see the authentic
    testimony of experts, interesting statistics and, for somebody
    surprising conclusion that in fact these dogs are victims of
    manipulating media and political business – they truly are "betrayed
    Video is at the beginning and end completed by information about
    "dog laws proposal" in the Czech Republic ((EUROPE))