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    Blue Steele & HO - Girl Of My Dreams, 1927


    przez grzegorz240252

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    So delightful to hear this exquisite song again and I agree Jack Pepper's vocal is truly exceptional!
    Przez kspm0220s3 lata temu
    Lovely waltz by one of my favorite orchestras and a nice Kenny Sargent vocal.You always do a great presentation.
    Przez Lou3 lata temu
    Lana, indeed, we almost never celebrate Thanksgiving in Poland - simply, because it is such an American celebration! It refers to the first days of America's colonisation so, in historical sense Poland has not, in fact, much to do with it. However - once in my life - I did celebrate Thanksgiving in Poland, and that was with the Americans living in Warsaw. It was held in one of trendy clubs, where the whole turkey-slicing-and -consuming ritual was performed together with some nice music from Nashville and also American white jazz. But ofcourse, when I stayed in the US, I had a chance to participate on that occassion in the loveliest and typically American-midwestern family-gatherings and I keep these moments among my dearest memories!
    Przez grzegorz2402523 lata temu
    Patrick, Jack, Gigi, thanks for your notes. Some time ago I uploiaded in YT one of the most beautiful renditions of that song I ever heard - and it was Jack Pepper's vocal. It was absolutely magnificent and if you really like that haunting tune - please go and see that Pepper's recording in YT!! He was an underrated singer having a voice of a double octave, I believe - or at least, close to it. So, he could sing also the most charming falsetto, which he uses in a very controlled way, thus - never doing any kind of a charge.
    Przez grzegorz2402523 lata temu
    Hello Grzegorz - love this new vid for Thanksgiving which I hope went well for you. I know that in Poland Thanksgiving is not celebrated in a big way - however - as you know - in the U.S. it's a big holiday. I have always loved it since it's more universal than Christmas. The New Year's Eve has also been one of my favorite celebrations. Your artwork looks breathtaking. Have a super good Sunday and thanks a million for this vid!!!
    Przez tango37213 lata temu
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