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    Gene Could Predict Time of Death

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    A gene can possibly predict time of death.

    Ever wonder why some people are early risers, and others like to sleep in?

    Differences in a typical gene variant can predict sleep patterns, and the time of day that a person is most likely to die.

    A study conducted by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center’s Chief of Neurology, Doctor Clifford Saperon on sleep-wake patterns revealed that “people who have the A-A genotype wake up about an hour earlier than the people who have the G-G genotype, and the A-Gs wake up almost exactly in the middle.”

    Scientists found that there was a correlation between the specific genotype and the time of day that the person died.

    People with the A-A or A-G genotype died at an average time of before 11 o’clock AM, while those with the G-G genotype died right before 6 o’clock PM.

    Everyone has an internal biological clock that tells our bodies when it is time to wake up and when it is time to go to sleep.

    Scientists have also found that genes can decide a predisposition for directing circadian rhythms in other organisms like algae and mice.