George Hassan, Author of Iran: Harsh Arm of Islam, Gives a Talk About his Book, Iran and History

Brad Butler
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George Hassan: public speakr, histiorian and author of Iran: Harsh Arm of Islam, gives a lecture at the Borders Bookstore in Glendale, California about his book, growing up in Iran, why the Mullahs must be overthrown and the fact that the ruling elite of Iran are not Persians but Arabs, sometthing many people don't know. For over 30 years George Hassan has been working to educate the public about the true nature of this awful regime and how truly illegitimate they are. Persia is an ancient place and their ruler Cyrus the Great, 2500 years ago, wrote the first tract about human rights, a copy which is in the United Nations building in New York City.

For more info about George Hassan and his book go to or contact him directly at