Let's compare ( Ms. Pacman )


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Video Locations:
1. 0:28 Arcade
2. 1:10 Apple 2
3. 1:52 IBM DOS
4. 2:33 Comm Vic 20
5. 3:16 ZX Spectrum
6. 3:58 Atari 2600
7. 4:39 Atari Lynx
8. 5:22 Comm 64
9. 6:03 Atari 5200
10. 6:45 Atari 7800
11. 7:27 Gameboy
12. 8:09 TI-99
13. 8:52 Sega Master System
14. 9:34 Nintendo Entertainment System ( Namco )
15. 10:17 Sega Game Gear
16. 10:59 Gameboy Advance ( Namco Museum )
17. 11:41 Colecovision ( OPCode Games ) ( The Pac-Man collection )
18. 12:24 Gameboy Color
19. 13:07 Super Nintendo
20. 13:50 Sega Genesis
21. 14:31 Nintendo Entertainment System ( Tengen )
22. 15:15 DOS / Windows ( JROK.com )
23. 15:57 Coleco Table Top

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Ms. Pac-Man is an arcade video game produced by Midway as an unauthorized sequel to Pac-Man. It was released in North America in 1981 and became one of the most popular video games of all time, leading to its adoption by Pac-Man licensor Namco as an official title. This game introduces a female protagonist, new maze designs and several minor gameplay changes over the original game.


The gameplay of Ms. Pac-Man is largely identical to that of the original Pac-Man. The player gathers points by eating dots and avoiding ghosts (contact with one loses a life). Power-pellets or energizers change the ghosts, which reverse their course and can be eaten for bonus points. Fruit bonuses can be consumed for increasing point values, twice per level. As the levels increase, the speed and difficulty increase as well.

There are, however, some notable differences: The game has four different mazes that appear in different sets of colors. Most of the new mazes have two sets of warp tunnels. Unlike the original Pac-Man, the spaces in between the walls are filled in, making it easier to see where the path is. The ghosts' behavior patterns are different and include semi-random movement, precluding the use of patterns to beat each level. Instead of appearing in the center of the maze, fruits bounce around the maze, entering and leaving through the warp tunnels. Once all fruits have been encountered, they appear in random sequence for the rest of the game. The orange ghost's name is Sue instead of Clyde. The three intermissions have changed to follow the developing relationship between Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man (from when they first meet to having a stork drop off their baby). The sound effects and music of the game are very different from the Pac-Man sounds.

As in Pac-Man, the game has a bug in the subroutine that draws the fruit, which renders the 256th level unplayable. However, the game also has other bugs that cause it to crash or become unplayable much sooner, making it impossible to reach the 256th level without an emulator.