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    Danielle's secret weapon


    by JoanRose33

    Hey! Who put Wonder Woman in the BB house, disguised as Danielle Murphree? She has super-hearing as we will witness in this video. First part is Danielle claiming to hear what neither Britney or Ashley can. Danielle declares that Janelle is talking mad shit about her right this minute, with Ian. They are all in the backyard. The second part is the exact same time frame, showing what Janelle and Ian were actually talking about! Notice how Danielle questions Britney and Ashley about whether they can hear it? Once Danielle knows they can't hear anything, she's free to just make up what she thinks they are saying, and of course they are talking about her (NOT). Everybody talks about Danielle because she is the center of all the other HG's world, at least in her mind!! Danielle is truly delusional and makes up stories willy-nilly. 8/6 6:12p