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    Family of Down's Syndrome Boy Fights to Keep Therapy Pig

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    A family is fighting against city ordinances to keep their son's therapy pig.

    Can you imagine having to battle with the local government to keep your pet?

    The family of a boy with Down’s Syndrome is battling city ordinances to do exactly that.

    8-year-old Kason Ray, from Coral Springs was suffering from emotional issues and speech delays.

    After extensive research due to allergies in the family, the parents decided to purchase a therapy pet, a Juliana pig named Twinkie. The city has a ban on livestock, but the family still has Twinkie and hopes to keep it invoking the American Disability Act.

    The family contacted city officials to ask for an exception, but they have denied the request. Kason’s mother, Heather Ray states “Twinkie has a very calming effect on him. It mellows him out, it calms him down.”

    They say that if they receive a fine or official notice, they will seek help from the Department of Justice. The Ray's have obtained a note from Kason’s doctor prescribing the pig for therapy.

    Recently, another boy in Volusia County got to keep some of his chickens for therapy for his autism. The family initially obtained 11 chickens, but it was a violation of a city ordinance in DeBary. The council has issued a new ordinance, allowing all residents to keep three chickens for nonagricultural purposes.