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    School Rewards Student for Telling Realistic White Lies

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A school in England is rewarding students for telling efficient white lies.

    A school in Cambridge, England is rewarding students for smart and quick explanations for their behavior. Those who have the best white lies are then free from any punishment.

    The concept is simple, the independent Perse school allows kids to explain themselves in 10 seconds flat, without using brazen and obvious lies, but utilizing the truth mixed with small, believable untruths. An official at the school, Ed Elliott states “Getting children to talk their way out of minor misdemeanors is a wonderful way of encouraging such creativity and fostering good communication skills.”

    Officials at the learning establishment hope to instill ‘charm and the next generation of British entrepreneurs and wealth creators’. Elliott wants to not only teach academics to children, but also coping mechanisms for life’s inevitable highs and lows.

    The ultimate goal is to help students thrive in a “quick-thinking, communication savvy generation”. When it comes down to it, getting out of minor trouble is a part of adult lives, but some believe the white lie teaching is better suited for up and coming politicians.