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    Authorities Find 425 Pounds of Marijuana in Piñatas

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    Border officials find 425 pounds of marijuana in piñatas.

    It seems as though there is never a dull moment for United Sates customs and border officials. Recently two separate attempted drug smuggling incidents occurred in a matter of several hours.

    Authorities in Arizona seized an astounding 425 pounds of marijuana along with 7 pounds of methamphetamine.

    The first occurrence involved a 24-year-old male from Tucson.

    Officials discovered the hundreds of pounds in marijuana concealed in a shipment of piñatas that resided in the bed of the male’s vehicle. Then a few hours later, authorities found the meth in the oil pan of a 28-year-old's automobile, after a canine detected the scent of drugs.

    Both men were arrested. Earlier this year, there was another bizarre smuggling attempt.

    A 34-year-old man was busted at the Los Angeles International Airport, while trying to board a flight to Japan. Federal customs officials discovered more than four pounds of methamphetamine stashed away in Snickers bars.

    Underneath the wrapper, the bars were covered in what investigators called a "chocolate-like" coating to make it look like the real thing.