Perfumes, fragrances and scents in our skincare and beauty range by Savilles Row.

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Our natural solid beeswax perfume also comes in a beautiful locket designed entirely by Saville's Row. With a cream enamel face and stainless steel body, this locket is as beautiful to look at as the perfume inside it smells. It is attached to a sturdy but delicate chain measuring 26" and is packaged inside a royal blue velvet pouch that sits snugly inside a beautiful box.

Saville's Row began with a simple philosophy - to make products that were kind to the skin & kind to the senses. Knowing how beneficial natural, wholesome ingredients are for the body internally, I wanted to translate this same ethic to the products I used on my skin. Being able to control exactly what went onto my body was a liberating experience & something I chose to explore.

And so, I began to research the characteristics and properties of numerous plants & flowers and how their extractions would benefit us. With various nutrients & minerals offered by flora & fauna, the opportunity to incorporate such qualities into my own products was vast.

The added bonus of utilising all that mother nature had to offer was of course the varied & pungent fragrances emitted by plants & flowers. With such an incredible, intoxicating array of scents, I strove to cull these aromas and display them in my products.

Incorporating various processes of distillation, extractions & infusions allowed me to experiment and come up with various concoctions & recipes of beautiful perfumes, fragrances and scents.

The result is a collection that offer the best in quality & content. All of the products in the Saville's Row line maintain their integrity - and all are kind to your skin & kind to your senses.


(Saville to rhyme with travel)