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    Phoenix Az Best Beauty Box Phoenix Az Best Beauty Box

    paul moore

    by paul moore

    MixMatchSwap is coming to Phoenix and other cities near you ""
    MixMatchSwap are you our type of girl? Attention Fashionistas Coming to Phoenix MixMatchSwap in November 2012 who are we?

    -we are an experience, not just cosmetics. It's like getting a present every month. Our "wild card" is a like willy wonka's golden ticket-one winner a month and they will get a card for a pair of Christian Louboutins or something equivalent

    -we are nyc based-fashion capital of the world. Aspirational. All looks are created by a ny beauty editor.
    the latest beauty palettes delivered to your door.

    -a low cost subscription service that caters to the awesomeness of your beauty experience.

    we are your gateway to beauty on-line advice, blogs how to videos giving you the latest trends in beauty and make up.
    -we are an e-commerce site and you will find us at "" having a beauty party experience your invited to
    Launching November 2012 in Phoenix and other hip cites limited enrollment make sure you join in the fun.