My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Episode 45," Putting Your Hoof Down"

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Fluttershy attends a self-help seminar by a minotaur named Iron Will (Trevor Devall) where she learns to become more assertive in her actions, but these lessons change Fluttershy's personality dramatically beyond recognition.


Whoo go New fluttershy. I love New fluttershy
By Flutter&Pinkie July
fluttershy what happened to you D:
By Ditzy Doo February
I feel so bad for Pinkie Pie and Rarity in 15:52. That was so sad..
By Dmaest Grim February
scary part is she was using the stare on everyone, which is why they all bent to her will.. this would have been really bad had Pinky and Rarity not helped her.
By Shaggzthaclown777 February
Meh. MLP stops at the end of season four for me. Not going to watch season five I think. Sorry, Manz. Just one of those things that's better left alone.
By Arioch Starr December
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