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    Mirena IUD Lawsuit


    by rotlaw

    Women injured by the Mirena IUD are finding useful information on

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    Women using the Mirena hormonal IUD device should be aware that it might cause serious side effects.

    Although Mirena has been touted as a convenient and effective birth control method for women who already have children, it hasn't performed as well as Bayer, the device's manufacturer promised it would.

    Since its approval by the FDA in 2000, women used Mirena without being fully aware of its potential dangers. In fact, Bayer was scolded by the FDA for making misleading statements about Mirena.

    Side effects such as breast cancer, uterine perforation, pelvic inflammatory disease and irregular bleeding have prompted many women to have the device removed.

    Some have filed lawsuits against Bayer for injuries allegedly caused by Mirena.

    The Rottenstein Law Group's Mirena lawyers are here to help if you feel you have been injured by a Mirena IUD birth control device.

    The process of demanding compensation for your injuries should not be complicated or difficult. We'll file a lawsuit on your behalf if necessary, and you won't be charged until you recover compensation.

    The Rottenstein Law Group knows that you've suffered. You shouldn't have to go through more trouble to be compensated. RLG will be with you at every step of demanding satisfaction, which we'll make as efficient as possible.

    You've taken enough. We'll take it from here. - Mirena IUD Lawsuit: A Case Overview by the Rottenstein Law Group