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    Cancer Risk For Mobile Phones (Radiation Meters)


    by radiationprotection


    The boss of one of the Westcountry's leading food companies has called for more research into claims that mobile phones could cause cancer.
    Brian Stein says early research is increasingly indicating the danger of excessive mobile phone use and Wi-Fi networks to some users, especially children.
    Earlier this year, the World Health Organisation (WHO) classified radiation emitted by mobile phones as a possible cancer risk, with a similar threat to lead and the banned pesticide DDT.
    And the European Commission also issued a warning saying that individuals should be protected from low-frequency radiation emitted by cell phones, masts and Wi-Fi systems.
    Mr Stein, 62, said: “Much more research is needed.
    “Meanwhile, people should be protected from this potential hazard in public places, schools and their homes.”
    Mr Stein, the chief group executive of Samworth Brothers, a partner company of Tamar Foods and Gingsters
    in Callington, South East Cornwall, began suffering the effects of low-frequency radiation six years ago when he experienced pain when using his mobile phone.
    “I began getting weird sensations in my ear if I went near a computer or TV, any electrical equipment with a microchip” he said.
    “I took the view that I was a freak and kept quiet, but it was difficult because I couldn’t drive a modern car with computers on board.”
    Mr Stein’s research eventually led him to the diagnosis that he is electro-sensitive, a condition he shares with several thousand people in the UK.
    Electro sensitivity is caused by the thousands of magnetic fields that surround us, from mobile and cordless phones to other wireless devices, including car sat-nav kits. The symptoms include sleep problems, headaches, tinnitus and earache, chest pains, loss of memory, poor concentration and depression.