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    No vote on OLAF today, as foreseen until this morning. Budgetary Control Committee MEPs found the report touches on one question that they can't answer, namely MEPs' immunity. There is a point which the Council has not given us in the negotiations on the conditions when the Anti-Fraud Office should have access to MEPs' offices, where the actual political work is being done. MEPs will try to produce a memorandum of understanding among the three main EU institutions to make sure the important report on OLAF's reform can be voted in their next meeting on October 8th. 23 languages, and in a few months' time 24. Multilingualism is at the heart of the European project, users chatting with MEP Miguel Martínez were told. Multilingualism is essential for the European Union but it is indispensable for the European Parliament. But some MEPs think the challenge is not always met. Less than a week ago, a French MEP had to vote on a 400-page budget report only available in English. In 1950 there were four languages, today there are 23. It's complex. Unfortunately, many of us have noticed, and regret, that multilingualism is deteriorating. MEPs around Audy are now asking for more money to be put aside for translations in the EU institutions. France's southern metropolis and door to the Mediterranean is also one of the country's social hotspots. But Marseille is the right choice as European Culture Capital, MEPs and visitors at an event highlighting the city's bright sides were told. Marseille sometimes receives criticism. Marseille has a future. Marseille is perhaps the capital of this Euro-Mediterranean that we want to create. Next meeting in 2013, when the city celebrates European culture with more than 400 events.

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