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Secret are YG fangirls

il y a 5 ans1.2K views

well, I'm a secrettime and also VIP, Secret and BB are my 2 ultimes groups in kpop.
These days, Secret talks a lot about BigBang and I found amusing to mix all those moments together.

I took all video from others
TempSubber, Kshownow, SeungriYa

1. Hyosung from Strong Heart
2. SunHwa & Zinger from Secret Diary
3. Zinger from Star couple challenge
4. Secret from WGM ep.1
5. SunHee couple from WGM ep.12
6. SunHee couple from WGM ep.8
7 & 8. Shy Boy lives
9 & 10. Secret from JTBC
11. SunHwa from WGM
12. Secret cover Weak Heart Because of a fragile mind (Lim Jong Lim 임종림)
13. Seungri and Secret fancam


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Secret are YG fangirls
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