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    Woman Robs Her Own Mother for $40,000 Ring

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    A woman sports a ski mask and robs her own mother for $40,000 ring.

    Mother and daughter bonds are usually strong, but not always.

    Recently a 36-year-old Chicago woman, Julie Franck allegedly robbed her own mom for a $40,000 engagement ring along with $200 and credit cards.

    Franck sported a ski mask while her accomplice fired approximately 15 shots from a stun gun into a 55-year-old woman, who was Franck’s own mother. The mugging occurred on a public street outside the victim’s home, but a witness was able to pull the mask off Franck before the two suspects drove away.

    The mother was treated for injuries at a local hospital right after the incident. Franck, who is pregnant, was arrested and charged with armed robbery.

    Some mothers and daughters however, team up to fight crime.

    Earlier this year, a Minnesota mother, Rebecca Larson walked into her home to find stranger rifling through her purse. A fight ensued and Larson wrestled the man to the ground and called to her daughter, Melissa Hickman who had been upstairs napping.

    Larson told Hickman to grab her pink gun. The suspect was soon arrested in what is being referred to as “pink gun justice”.