Balancing Sculptures Using Stones

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Checkout these balancing structures, featuring gravity defying stones.

Natural rock formations, manmade walls, even bricks can be beautiful in their own way. A talented artist, Adrian Gray is using rocks and stones to create amazing sculptures.

His work is based on the ‘natural world of balance’. Gray’s biography notes that, “He creates balancing sculptures using naturally weathered stone usually on location by the coast. As the sculptures are transitory he captures them on film as evidence of their existence.”

His work may sound simplistic, but in reality it is anything but. Some of the rock forms seem to defy gravity.

One photo shows mortared bricks resting on a large beach rock. However, there is a gap between the bricks and the rock, giving a partially free-standing, leaning appearance.

Another picture features four rocks, two small and two large. One of the tiny rocks holds the weight of a big rock, adding a magical element to the photo.

Gray says “I have been creating stone balancing sculptures for nearly 10 years. I like the essential beauty of the sculptures, the paradoxes they evoke and the spiritual element in both the act of the balancing and the finished work.”