Hot Air Balloon Festival Ads Color to Mexican Skies

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A hot air balloons is getting readied for liftoff.

It's among dozens taking part in the 11th annual Leon International Balloon Festival in Guanajuato, Mexico.

Started in 2002 with just 27 balloons, the festival has grown to become the biggest in Latin America, drawing pilots from 14 different countries last year.

Peter Pierre, from the United States, says it's his 10th visit.

[Peter Pierre, Hot Air Balloon Pilot]:
"The people have been great, we are very happy to come down and fly. As you can see the beautiful sky with all of the balloons, it's always real good flying here, we really enjoy it."

Besides pilots, the festival also attracts thousands of spectators.

[Jacqueline Gutierrez, Visitor from Mexico City]:
"The balloons are varied, very colorful, unique to each company and the idea is good."

A sky filled with dozens of balloons, butterflies and even Elvis is without a doubt a beautiful sight.

But perhaps the best view is reserved for the pilots who soar high above Leon's Metropolitan Ecological Park.

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