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    Hark! A herald voice is calling - Chris Lawton at Holy Family Catholic Church, Reigate, Surrey

    Christopher Lawton

    by Christopher Lawton

    Another of me playing the Compton 'Miniatura' organ at Holy Family Catholic Church in Reigate, Surrey.

    Im playing the hymn 'Hark! A Herald voice is calling' to the tune 'Merton' which is ideal for demonstrating some of the various tone colours on the organ and it is amazing just how many there are on this small 3 rank instrument - a typical Compton charactestic!

    Many thanks to the organist and officials at Holy Family for allowing me access to this fine Compton organ.

    NOTE: this is purely my interest in order to make sure that these fine organs are archived forever and I do not make any monetary profit by this video being on dailymotion.

    For more information on the John Compton Organ Company Ltd and to see me play other Compton organs, please click on the following link for my site dedicated to the John Compton Organ Company Ltd: