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    What to Do If You’re Torn Between Two Lovers?


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    Those who are balancing two lovers are the ones who are in stressful situation and may need the best relationship advice. Many psychologists believed that the most difficult decision to make is to choose between 2 positives. The person who is to choose have the worry that breakup with one of the two choices may just be a huge mistake in her life. Before panicking and thinking that you have to make the decision soon, have some deep breath and consider the following tips.

    One of the best relationship tips when you are torn between two lovers is for you to reflect on how difficult situation of the past has been handled by you. There were times in your life where you will feel that making the right decision seems impossible but you have made a choice and you survived. Think about how you have picked your option during those times and if you regret your choice. There is a huge chance that you did not but you live with the choice you made and you did not look back. Just give yourself some time to put things in proper perspective so that you will arrive at a decision which you think is best for you.

    Try to determine which person has a lifestyle which is similar to yours. While it is true that people who have opposite attitudes and perspectives in life may attract at first, those who have more similarities will also have lesser things to fight in the course of their relationship. If you want a long term relationship, check if any one of the two is more alike with you in terms of values, character and lifestyle .You also have to observe how you feel when you are with each of these two persons. These two people can bring out the different personalities with you and paying attention to how you feel will make the decision easier. You can give attention as who between them can make you feel comfortable, alive and true to yourself.

    Follow your heart may be a cliché but it is still the ultimate test of choosing the person that you want to be with. Love is a matter of following what your heart dictates as your choice will be the one who can make you happy the most. This is an important consideration before ending your relationship with your partner, and look for someone to exclusively date.

    After making your choice, the break up part with the person you did not choose is the more challenging part. One of the best breakup tips that you must follow is to be upfront and tell that person your true feelings. It is better to turn her down now than let him hope in vain. You must be the one to tell him personally than for him to learn it from other person.

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