Unprovoked attack on teenager caught on CCTV

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TROLL ALERT. Please don't react to the comments below, the writers are very likely children.
I think its time for white people to start arming ourselves against blacks. Shoot first
By Denkolb Last year
Unmotivated? How about she was white and he was black. That seems to me motivation to a certain group of sub humans who wonder the earth just looking to cause trouble.. Hey but this is not a race crime right? Of course not. Maybe this is why Holder is resigning. He cant seem to come to grips with the fact that racism is a 2 way street.
By neverfalter Last year
That guy should be lynched - time to cull the herd
By Ab Contador Last year
Polar Bearing aka the knockout game. Sorry to see that it is not just happening in the US.
By Leighton Cavendish Last year
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