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    Einstein Literally Had Unusual Brain

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    by Geo Beats

    It has been revealed that Einstein literally had an unusual brain.

    Are certain parts of Albert Einstein’s brain the reason for his legendary level of genius?

    Analysis of photos taken after his death show that some parts of Einstein’s brain had distinguishing features that scientists think might have contributed to his intellect.

    14 recently discovered pictures of Einstein’s brain were analyzed using modern imaging techniques and compared to 85 different human brains from past studies.

    Anthropologist Dean Falk from Florida State University in Tallahassee said that the results of the analysis show “the complexity and pattern of convolutions on certain parts of Einstein's cerebral cortex.”

    His brain’s convolutions may have given the prefrontal cortex a larger than normal surface area, which might have led to his genius.

    The analysis also showed that the part of Einstein’s brain that was connected to his left hand is expanded, which may have influenced his abilities as a violinist.

    A 1985 study discovered that two parts of Einstein’s brain had a lot of non-neuronal cells, called glial.

    When Albert Einstein died in 1955, his family gave scientists permission to remove his brain and study it.