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    Bobbi Kristina’s First Interview, Tells Oprah Her Mother’s Prepared Her To Take On Her Legacy


    by Hollyscoop

    There’s already been speculation as to whether Whitney Houston’s daughter will follow in the mega stars footsteps & carry on the torch in her absence.

    Bobbi Kristina gave an emotional first interview to Oprah & confirms she’s planning on continuing her mothers legacy by continuing a career in music & acting.

    Bobbi admits she feels pressure in attempting to fill her mothers shoes, but feels her mother has helped prepare her. The 19 year old has performed alongside her mother numerous times, most notably an emotional duo of “my love is your love” in New York's Central Park back in 2009.

    Although Oprah steered clear of subjects that seemed inappropriate, such as drugs & addictions, the daughter of Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown has stated in the past that she is well aware of the effects of drugs.

    She’s already inherited her late mothers millions but has she inherited her ability to become a superstar singer? We’ll have to wait & see.