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    Ricky Martin's Evita Curtain Call!


    by Hollyscoop

    The "Living la Vida Loca" singer is onto his new venture- live musicals! Ricky Martin currently plays Che in the broadway revival of 'Evita'.
    The 40-year-old singer opened up about playing the role during a Advocate's Magazine interview. He feels that Che is an amazing role to play, stating, " I get to feel many things. I can go from anger to love to uncertainty within 30 minutes of the show."
    Ricky goes on to say, quote, "That's amazing because that's what my life has been about for the last three years--- feeling. Not sabotaging any kind of emotions. Letting everything just come through me and verbalize it." Looks like Rickyis getting in touch with his spiritual side.
    And another new thing in Ricky's life? His new 'stache. He even managed to even make it look good. You go boy!