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    After Seven Years, Fiona Apple Makes Comeback at SXSW!


    by Hollyscoop

    After seven years, Fiona Apple is back!

    It’s been a hot minute since Fiona Apple has released an album or graced the stage, but she made her return to the spotlight in a big way at SXSW.

    A large crowd turned out to one of the most highly anticipated shows of the music conference, as it’s been five years since Fiona Apple played a live set outside of LA and seven years since her last album “Extraordinary Machine” was released.

    Apple did not disappoint as she sang old favorites “Criminal”, “Fast As You Can” and “Sleep to Dream”, along with new songs from her upcoming album.

    But there were a few hiccups in the performance. Due to the muggy Austin weather, some of her lyrics couldn’t be heard by the crowd and at one point, she rested her head on the piano for about 45 seconds while her guitarist finished a song.