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    Madonna Takes Aim At Ex With Nicki Minaj Collaboration


    by Hollyscoop

    Madonna's MDNA album already seems filled with controversy & it hasn't even been released yet. Her preview of the album continues with a second Nicki Minaj duet titled “I don’t give A”

    The song is filled with typical Madonna attitude, with lyrics like "I tried to be a good girl, I tried to be your wife, diminished myself, And I swallowed my light, I tried to become all that you expect of me, And if it was a failure, I don't give a ..." its obvious she’s taken aim at ex hubby, Guy Richie.

    After being married for over 8 years, the couple split in 2008. Madonna spoke of the break up by stating that she reached her limit when it came to how much she was willing to “sacrifice” Richie compared life with the Music Icon to a “soap opera.”

    While we don’t know what the real reasons were of the demise, the lyrics to “I Don’t Give A” certainly give never before seen insight into the couples marriage.