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    by Hollyscoop

    New Madonna! Another Track Has Been Leaked from Her New Album!

    Hey I’m Andrea Feczko for Stereotude.
    The uber confident Madonna admits she “F’d Up”- well on the latest track to be leaked anyway.

    We’re just a week away from one of the most highly anticipated album releases of the year and the latest MDNA song to prematurely see the light of day is the mea culpa “I F’d Up”.

    The not suitable for work song begins as a slow tempo retrospective, talking about all the ways she has been less than stellar as a person. Lyrics include “I thought we had it all/you brought out the best in me/but somehow I destroyed the perfect dream.”

    If this sounds like too much of a Debbie Downer, don’t worry. At around the 2 minute mark it turns into a mid-tempo dance track. And the lyrics pick up to, talking about all the ways she would make it up to her scorned lover, which include private jets, touring the world and buying a house with a swimming pool.