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    KISS & Motley Crue Announce Joint Tour


    by Hollyscoop

    Kiss and Motley Crue have announced a joint summer concert boldly naming it "The Tour."

    The hype surrounding the new concert collaboration doesn't seem to put any pressure on the bands. With Gene Simmons telling Rolling Stone Magazine "You will scream your head off until it's no longer on your shoulders. You'll be drenched, exhausted, and completely satisfied without ever having anyone touch your schmekel." Wow, now that's quite a description! Did that help you get a good visual?

    Combined the two bands have over 60 years on the road but have only performed together 30 years ago when Motley Crue opened for Kiss in 1982.

    They're both Rock Icons in their own right so it only seems appropriate the bands compared "The Tour" to "Elvis on Steroids" in a recent press conference. Fans shouldn't expect any similarities to today's pop singers, Simmons made that clear by saying "We're sick and tired of girls .'"