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Max and Paddy's Road to Nowhere - Episode 6

5 years ago96.8K views


Jiba TV

Max and Paddy finally hit North East England to visit Max's old doorman friend Billy 'The Butcher' Shannon, who had previously briefly appeared in the 1994 flashback in Episode 2. They agree to let Shannon, who is looking for his estranged son, hitch a ride around. They soon discover though that he's obsessed with Max ("Not in a gay way" he claims), and irrationally hates Paddy. What they fail to notice at the same time is that Shannon is carrying a revolver, which he uses to force a Little Chef worker called Brenda (played by Alex Hall) to open for the trio late at night. The Little Chef is Whitemare Pool, near Boldon, Tyne and Wear. The police are quickly on to the gang, with only Shannon aware of any crime. When the campervan stops off later down the road, Max sees a newspaper headline and realises what's happening. Furthermore, Billy catches Paddy going through his stuff and prepares to shoot him.
A chase eventually ensues through the services and along a motorway tunnel bridge, and Shannon shoots Paddy in the bottom. He's on the verge of firing at Max too, but Paddy quickly recovers, and bashes Shannon around the head with a traffic cone, using Peter Kay's TV catchphrase of "'Ave It!" in the process. With Shannon now unconscious and arrested, Max and Paddy slip away from a police telling-off - due to the fact that earlier in the episode they cut down a speed camera - and escape into the night in the van.