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    Conspiracy to spark sectarian strife should be defeated by showing respect to each other’s beliefs: Altaf Hussain


    by allaboutmqm

    The Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Mr Altaf Hussain has appealed to the Ulema belonging to different schools of thought, particularly the Shia and the Sunni people, to respect each other’s beliefs and sect with open hearts and defeat the conspiracy to spark sectarian strife. He said that there was complete harmony between the people in the country, especially in the province of Sindh, but some elements magnifying differences by resorting to violence and bloodshed. He said that their actions were highly condemnable and aimed at harming the unity of the people.
    Mr Hussain said that killing innocent people on the basis of sectarian differences and provoking people into violence is totally against the teachings of Islam. He said he would appeal to everyone to maintain complete harmony and brotherhood and not to waste the efforts of the MQM in this regard.
    Mr Hussain said that the sentiments of the people should not be hurt by talking about parochial differences as the elements wanting to kindle the fire of sectarianism could take advantage and undermine the environment of peace and unity.