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Max and Paddy's Road to Nowhere - Episode 2

5 years ago290.2K views


Jiba TV

After a brush with a porn film shoot (a film called Willy Wanker and the Chocolate Factory - a porn parody of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory) goes wrong for Paddy (initially believing he would naturally be working in a heterosexual porn film, he finds out otherwise), the campervan breaks down in the Midlands. The pair hand it over to a local garage run by Mick Bustin, played by British rocker Noddy Holder. To kill time, Max and Paddy catch the train to Middlewood, which actually turns out to be the last one that day, so the pair are forced to go for a walk in the woods, but quickly become lost. After Max shows a bemused Paddy his notebook filled with drawings of a television programme he's invented called "Magnet and Steel", the pair reluctantly decide to sleep rough in the woods. Paddy quickly causes ill feeling by burning Max's book on their campfire, but Max soon comes around and begins talking, accompanied by a flashback, about his one true love: a dwarf (see dwarfism) called Tina, whom he met in 1994.
He goes on to say that the relationship abruptly ended after she overheard him and his friends making jokes about her height. The following morning, the two discover to their dismay that they were a short walk away from a Petrol Station and a Travelodge. Things get worse when Mick Bustin tries to charge them £500 to retrieve the campervan, causing the pair to break into Bustin's workshop and, in a parody of The A-Team, modify the van and 'bust' out back on to the road, only for the van to break down again miles later, Mick Bustin having never actually made any repairs.
This episode features several regulars from Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights, and a homage to the movie Midnight Cowboy. We also find out here that Paddy's full name is Patrick O'Shea. This joke is based around the rumour that Sunderland player John O'Shea is regularly teased by team-mates for his physical resemblance to Patrick McGuinness.