Emperor of the Sea - Episode 19 (1/3)


by Kim

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HQ EPISODE ----> http://gnap.es/1fscu
By Symptomaticyach235 Last week
ha ho ´ .thats so nice, like it.
By daisye5p 5 years ago
,,i just wondered and always asking,, who is really the emperor of the sea in this movie is it capt jang bogo or yum moon, ??????????? sigh,,,,,,
By jerryjaz 5 years ago
Im at YumMoon side. Why Capt Jung looks so old. I loved his looks when he was young.
By elleboj 5 years ago
I dont like to watch Capt. JUng & JungHwa together...somehow i prefer to watch YumMoon with JungHwa more..prejudice! HAHAHAH!
By Tammy 7 years ago
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