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    Dog Receives Overdraft Notice

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Noodles the dog receives an overdraft notice.

    Dogs have a lot on their mind - food, play, sleep, and now, bank overdraft fees.

    Employees from NatWest bank in UK reportedly sent a letter to Noodles the Dog, demanding that he pay approximately $10 after its bank account become overdrawn.

    However the notice was sent to an address where Noodles no longer lived – the previous tenants had moved out several months prior. The new residents, Rupert Chapman and his six-year-old labradoodle, named Charley opened the letter to look for forwarding information, but instead they sent back a response of their own.

    Signed by Charley the Labradoodle he stated “I am sorry I do not have a forwarding address and Noodles hasn’t left any leads. I could check things out on the night chorus but frankly don’t wish to bring bad fortune on my predecessor, who has done such a good job of keeping the neighbor’s cats at bay.”

    If Noodles can't afford to pay the fee, he may consider asking Kikko for help.
    Soon after her husband passed away, an elderly Italian woman had the will drawn up to leave two apartments, several properties and a few bank accounts, worth 2.5 million in total to Kikko.