GAMERS FIGHT BACK SONG (Parody of Baby Got Back by Sir Mix A Lot )

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To check out the original video for the gamers fight back news story go to:

I like video games and I can not lie
You other gamers try and deny
That when a girl walks up with a 360
or an n64 in your face you get sprung
And get a headset cause you noticed
those matches were stuffed
I'm tired and I can't start sleeping,
These noobs I keep on meeting
Microsoft says your fat but I aint down with that
Cause your controller is tight and your games are kickin
And I'm thinking about clickin
Bluray, Bluetooth, Uncharted 2. . . Only if it's a ps3

So now if you ever want to throw down
Or have a Super Smash Brawl in your town
Call 1-800 Nintendo and kick those gaming thoughts
Gamers Fight Back

Gamers Fight Back