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    Chen Kaige's "Caught in the Web" Delves into Chinese Cyberspace


    by NTDTelevision

    On Tuesday, (November 13), Chen Kaige, who is known for historic epics including Farewell My Concubine, addressed an audience in Hong Kong University about his latest film "Caught in the Web". An Oscar contender, the film delves into modern-day China, where the internet has turned into a home for citizen vigilantes or the phenomenon known as "Human flesh searching".

    While the film views the trend through a critical lens, Chen stressed the need for film-makers to stay true to themselves, and also to be clear on what they want to convey. He says his film is about humanity, and the need to protect rights.

    [Chen Kaige, Director, "Caught in the Web"]
    "We have always talked about how much progress China has made in the past three decades. But as long as human rights cannot be guaranteed, I don't think we have seen real progress."

    Chen grew up during China's Cultural Revolution. During his speech, he said it provided inspiration for his former film "Yellow Earth."

    [Chen Kaige, Director, "Caught in the Web"]
    "When the Cultural Revolution erupted, my whole life changed. My father turned from a respected Chinese film director into a public enemy. My life changed, I lost my friends and my chances to go to school."

    "Caught in the Web" looks at the explosive growth of China's cyberspace. While being one of the most censored in the world, it's also become a place for citizens to track down individuals—for both good and bad reasons.

    Chen's film will be China's official contender for the 2013 Oscar in the Best Foreign Language Film category.

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