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    Flip the Frog The Goal Rush (1932)


    by andythebeagle

    Nertz U. battles Burp U. on the football field, and the star player is scrappy little Flip the Frog, who has a very human girl cheering for him in the stands. The wackiness begins when the band leader shoots the clarinet player to death for being out of tune. It continues when, as a gesture of contempt, the hulking rival player takes the football out of Flip's hands and turns it into a paddle ball toy. The referee begins the game by blowing a whistle that unexpectedly expands like a party whistle, unwrapping a bird that provides the necessary tweet. The game goes so badly for Flip's team that the scoreboard bursts into tears, but things change when Flip and his rival chase the football into a nearby barn, where the pigskin encounters a mother pig and resumes its former life as a barnyard animal. Soon, Flip, the football and the mother pig are all on the field for a rousing finish to the game.