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    Mission Accomplished: Astronauts Head Home


    by NTDTelevision

    Three crew members from the International Space Station head back to Earth in their Soyuz capsule after a four-month trip to space. Sarah Charlton reports.
    Astronauts at the International Space Station (ISS) say goodbye, as three crew members board a capsule for the journey back to Earth.

    Sunita Williams of the United States was one of three members of the Expedition 33 crew, who spent 125 days aboard the space station.

    They conducted several experiments during their visit, including tests on radiation.

    As the hatch closed on the Russian-built Soyuz capsule, the astronauts began their journey home.

    Back on Earth, they landed safely in Kazakhstan, where a recovery team helped extract the astronauts one by one.

    Command of the space station has been handed to NASA astronaut Kevin Ford.

    He and two other crew members will be joined by another group of astronauts on December 15th.

    The International Space Station is a multi-billion dollar research complex, involving 15 countries from around the world.

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