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    San Marcos Yoga Video, Yoga Studio - San Marcos, CA


    by SmartShoot

    San Marcos Yoga - San Marcos, CA Beginners welcome!
    We embrace yoga's power to transform body, mind and spirit. Our goal is that each student also experiences the joy of practicing yoga for life. We use a systematic progression of yoga poses, as taught by yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar, to develop individual ability. Yoga instruction is adapted so each person can participate at their own level. Precise words, props and demonstration help facilitate learning for people of all ages and physical abilities. As a result, even within the class, each person's yoga practice becomes singular and personal.
    Our classes blend enthusiasm, a bit of humor, and just the right dose of intensity for an energizing and profound yoga experience. No matter your level of practice or physical fitness, you will learn skills to optimize your yoga practice with confidence. The combination of extensive training, continuing education and dedication define SMY's teachers. 760-533-9713Distributed by