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    Flip the Frog Chinaman's Chance (1933)


    by andythebeagle

    Chow Mein, the notorious Chinese criminal, escapes from jail, leaving the redoubtable police officer, Flip the Frog, and his trusty canine sidekick to track the convict down. The pursuit leads them to Chinatown and the Ob Long Chin laundry, where the Limburger cheese-like smell of Chow Mein's feet gives him away. Flip tries to apprehend his quarry, but Chow Mein is too quick for him. Soon the poor frog finds himself falling through a trap door, down a slide and into a flooded pit containing one alligator and one snake. Flip uses the snake to tie the alligator's mouth shut and eventually escapes. As the dog tangles with a mischievous parrot, Flip finds himself in an opium den, where his ill-advised decision to take a puff on a pipe leads him floating back into the clutches of Chow Mein, who ties our hero to a rocket. An unexpected turn of events leads everyone back to the police station from which Chow Mein first escaped.