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    Healing Waves - Stress Melt


    by Kinetictruth

    This session literally melts stress and anxiety away, relaxing the user. This session ramps down the frequency from Beta into a Alpha and then into a Theta state to relieve stress. This powerful session usually has a noticeable effect within 5-10 minutes. The session starts out at 14Hz and gradually descends down to a lowest level of 6.5Hz, before finally ramping the user back up to 14Hz as the track finishes out. The beach ambient background track adds to the experience.

    This session is best used with the eyes closed. This session can be used with or without headphones. Any type of noisy environment will benefit from headphone usage for better brainwave entrainment. During the session you should remain as calm and relaxed as possible.

    People with a past history of epilepsy or seizures should NOT use brain entrainment.

    This Beta/Alpha/Theta brainwave entrainment track uses the following protocol:

    Duration 30:00
    Pulse Frequency Range: 14Hz - 6.5Hz
    Entrainment Method: Isochronic Tones, Photic Modulation
    Carrier Frequencies: 285Hz (Solfeggio), 174Hz (Solfeggio)
    Usage: Headphones or Speakers, Visualizations