On the Agenda: Mobility, Erasmus and internet hazards

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Hello. The plenary week is over, next week MEPs will meet in committees. Here's what awaits them. It's possible to move around town without a car. The proof of it are these 'city bikes' whose use in Europe is increasing. So, no excuses: even if you don't have a bicycle of your own, a greener and quieter Europe is possible. Take note of it now, because on Sunday the 11th European Mobility Week kicks off. On Tuesday, activities and a public hearing on urban mobility are planned at the EP. Who's not yet familiar with Erasmus? Each year, this exchange programme allows thousands of European students to study in another country as part of their university studies. The EU wants to create a comprehensive programme for all levels of education. 'Erasmus for all' would include school education, vocational training and adult learning but also youth and sport, with the aim of enhancing citizens' skills and, above all, reducing unemployment in Europe by 2020. The MEPs will revisit the issue on Tuesday and Wednesday. Are young Europeans sufficiently informed of the risks they face on the internet? Harassment, verbal abuse, invasion of privacy, child pornography: the virtual world requires increased control via blocking tools and parental control. The EP should vote on the matter. It's urgent. From the age of 9, young Europeans spend close to 1.5 hours per day on the internet. And finally, note in your diary that children and adults alike can visit Parlamentarium, the EP's visitors' centre in Brussels, until 10pm on 20 September. To mark the beginning of Brussels museums' 'Nocturnes', the centre decided to allow evening visitors extended access. Parlamentarium will soon celebrate its first birthday. Have a nice week.

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