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    by desicinemaa

    Bollywood hero Rahul Roy speaks of Action choreographer Mr.Yagnesh Shetty who has been training the action to the Bollywood heroes for years and he feels raised about the high-tecj actiontek school with the help of Hollywood action and stunt hero James Bomalik .Rahul Roy is so enthusiastic about the school,saying that the new and high-tech action is the demand of today's Bollywood Films too and reveals that he has also opened a film production house and his team will take high tech education from the school ACTIONTEK.
    Rahul Roy has given a number of films to Bollywood but one of the films "Aashiqui" with heroine Anu Agrawal ,directed by Mahesh Bhatt who is now a days writer and producer of Vishesh Films.

    Hollywood action and stunt hero James Bomalik during the launch of India's largest karate school Actiontek is an action pack and action bonanza for the stars who believe in real action style during fight scene. In this regard,Chitah Yagnesh Shetty has set up a karate school Actiontek in Mumbay in Association with Hollywood fight and action hero James Bomalik.
    At the event, Biggboss winner and hero Rahul Roy is there at the launch .Yagnesh Shetty ,a fight master had trained Ritik Roshan twenty five years before .Mr.Yagnesh further told that Bollywood hero Ritik Roshan had gone to China for training hig-teck fight action for film Krish.Yagnesh said that he has been working with Chittah kd for twenty years. and he wants to go along with the trend of industry in action..Dileep Kumar,Dev Anand,Mithun Chakrwarty,Jacky Shroff,Sunil Shetty,Ajay Devgan,Govinda,Salman Khan.The forth generation of Bollywood will be more benefited with high tech action,