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    Nat King Cole - Mona Lisa (Live HD-Technicolor)

    Watch this delightful rare Technicolor clip of Nat in a wonderful blue shark skin suit with a white shirt, thin black tie, and a linen hankie -- a perfect picture of the 50s.
    Nat King Cole was a very stylish performer with a smooth, deep voice. He wrapped himself in suave style, wearing sleek, structured suits of the period, cuff links, and always a hankie in his breast pocket.

    A true gentleman entertainer and the first African-American to host his own television program, The Nat "King" Cole Show. He wore thin ties, cool cardigans, and short-brimmed hats, and he did the best rendition of "Route 66″ anywhere. says "...this style icon understood the art of fine masculine dressing, but he also knew how to carry himself so that he wore his clothes rather than the other way around." The site explains "the soulful crooner's penchant for polished looks included cropped haircuts and clean shaves."

    Nathaniel Adams Coles was born in Montgomery, Alabama, on March 17, 1919.