"Hitchcock" stars thrill in New York


by Reuters

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STORY: The softer side of director Alfred Hithcock is explored in the new film about the love story between him and his wife Alma Reville.

The film, simply called "Hitchcock", follows the pair as they risk their own money and reputation to make "Psycho" after studio heads decline to financially support the movie.

Sir Anthony Hopkins straps on a fat suit and a bald spot in order to transform into the legendary director. Dame Helen Mirren plays his supportive and loving wife Alma Reville.

James D'Arcy who portrays a young Anthony Perkins, was shocked by Hopkins makeover.

"He was completely covered in makeup, prosthetics, a fat suit, brown contact lenses. It really help because if he would have looked like Anthony Hopkins I'm not sure I would have done very well in terms of holding my nerve," said D'Arcy.

Scarlett Johansson stepped into the role of film star Janet Leigh. In order to prepare, Johansson spoke with Leigh's daughter, actress Jamie Lee Curtis.

Director Sacha Gervasi made his feature film directorial debut with the movie. He said that his fearless attutide and a push form Hopkins helped him say yes to the project.

Throughout the film, numerous nods to Hitchcock can been seen, including Gervasi making a Hitchcock-like cameo.

"Hitchcock" will open in select theaters on November 23rd and throughout the U.S. in December.