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    Stealth Star- Mighty Jungle (Coney Island remix)


    by stealthstar

    *1ST VERSE*
    1A) I'm doing good, I can't complain,
    1B) I take what I get until the next best exchange,
    2A) I work hard until my brain collapse and quit,
    2B) Cause maybe one day I'll get noticed by accident,
    3A) Over heard at a rap battling fight,
    3B) Or, over heard on the train rapping at night,
    4A) Or, somebody heard me when they came out the store,
    4B) And they wanna sign me while I'm still taking a wiz on the wall,
    5A) I don't ask for much,
    5B) But when I do get much, it's always like a small ration cut,
    6A) I'ma good dude at heart, so I give what I can,
    6B) But I can't give what I can, if it's not in my hand,
    7A) And if you want more, you go ahead an do, it yourself,
    7B) Cause when I do it, I'ma damn sure do it Stealth,
    8A) It's just motivation talking and it's outta control,
    8B) And it's gonna crash into people, trees, cars, and poles,
    9A) I don't eat food anymore, waste of cost,
    9B) I eat books because it got food for thought,
    10A) Rap flow is so ill, I might puke on the beat,
    10B) So when I play the track, it's gonna sound sick for the streets,
    11A) My metaphors are ridiculous, you can't debate it,
    11B) People in wheelchairs gimme standing ovations,
    12A) Coney Island all day if your asking,
    12B) 32nd and Neptune, is where I be at kid,

    (1ST CHORUS)

    *2ND VERSE*
    1A) The rapping I do, I make hits in da booth,
    1B) But tell you da truth, I rather sit back an produce,
    2A) An watch my beats make all my salary,
    2B) Cause soon success will be the reason my money gain calories,
    3A) I'm coming in strong, so save me the favor,
    3B) I'm earning my spot, so I could take heave to it later,
    4A) So don't get comfortable cause soon or later,
    4B) I'ma cut your money flow like a, "C'c'combo Breaker",
    5A) I know I could be the hottest,
    5B) I know I got skills, I'm just tired of being modest,
    6A) It gets me nowhere, I'm speaking from the facts,
    6B) Call it how you want, but nice guys finish last,
    7A) But not this year, so pass on the message,
    7B) Send it from your email, or send it from your texts,
    8A) I'ma drop bars til I'm old decrepit,
    8B) Then your bank account is gonna look anorexic,
    9A) My flow is from the future, not made for dummies,
    9B) Avoid looking stupid like a "Blockhead" from "Gum-bee",
    10A) Don't connect the dots, cause the dots been connected,
    10B) All you gotta do is line it up like its Tetris,
    11A) I kept the track clean like a honest day of work,
    11B) Then I wrote it all in print so the song wouldn't curse,
    12A) But I'ma shine soon so I'll wait it out patiently,
    12B) Cause your intern flow, is Temp Agency,

    (2ND CHORUS)