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    BETTY BOOP Rhythm on the Reservation (1939)


    by Allan

    In this story Betty stops of at an Indian Reservation where she wants to by a drum. One of the men is clearly smitten with her and offers to give her his drum but his wife is not impressed and puts a stop to it. While doing this another group of Indians steal all the other instruments from her car but do not realise what they are and set about using them for other purposes; a trombone gets used as a water pump for example. As one of the Indians is about to light a fire under the kettle drum Betty shows him how it is meant to be played and all the others join in while she dances.

    Betty ended her career in 1939. I don't know which is her last cartoon, but I'm hoping it's this one. It would be a great culmination of the cartoon's development. Featuring some very offensive Indian stereotypes, but that doesn't mean it's not exceptional. Betty, transporting swing instruments to her band, stops at an Indian reservation to buy a tom-tom. The Indians steal her instruments and start using them in stereotypical Indian ways. A Hiawatha clone uses the cello case as a canoe, one man uses a trombone to siphon water from a pond, a woman uses drumsticks to crush corn into meal, and another man tries to cook with a bongo drum. Sally stops them and teaches them how to swing.